You need plants, a healthy soil food-web, and balanced soil minerals to produce nutrient-dense forages.

We Need To Start With Roots

Wild animals balanced their diets long before man came along. In fact, most regenerative farmers today deftly argue that it is because man came along that wild animals have since had trouble balancing their diets. Confinement followed domestication and soil depletion and loss of biodiversity was this rude housetraining’s result.

But the interaction between man and beast does not have to be negative.

One of my favorite authors is Dr. William Albrecht. Although restoring the soil and its nutrients are mainstream today, Albrecht was a pioneer of soil health and animal husbandry in his day. Born 1888, he lived through the explosions of the industrial revolution and witnessed firsthand the supreme degradation of the great Dust Bowl. Through it all, he argued for a return to biological agriculture based on sustainability, soil health, and purposeful interaction between man and beast.

In his book, Soil Fertility & Human and Animal Health, Albrecht argued that it takes healthy soils to make healthy forages to make healthy animals to make healthy humans. Break any part of that equation and all health will suffer.

Albrecht did not consider animal husbandry to be the root of all evils. Rather, he argued that that the way we husband our animals is both the issue and the key.

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