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A paradigm-shattering and place-centric context—that, to harvest, we must first become.

Timshel Wildland is a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland located south of Charlottesville, Virginia and in the heart of Central Virginia. Since 2017, the land – once a horse farm turned degenerative commercial cattle farm – has been devoted to a pioneering wilding project.

The Wildland today occupies the ancient home of the Siouan Indians of the Monacan and Mannahoac Nations. It is believed that just a couple steps south of this ridge and up its river valley is Monahassanough, a great city of the Monacans that was occupied as early as the Late Paleoindian to Early Archaic Period, or 10,000 to 8,000 years ago. Together, we can fight indiginous erasure. Click here to learn more!

From the Soul
to the Soil.

Healthy soil is a product of healthy communities.

The vision of Timshel’s Wildland Project is to unify the missions of conventional nature conservationists and regenerative farmers, to produce natural abundance by partnering with the copious abundance of the natural – the wild – world.

All life nurtured in the Wildland is free from toxic chemicals (pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, vaccinations, fertilizers, etc.), undue stress, excessive input, and is free to live an emergent life of natural abundance. We never wean, separate, or castrate any of our animals.

We strive for healthy cattle inasmuch as we endeavor to restore wildlife habitat, for the symbiotic partnership of these two instruments – these two smaller wholes – form the melodious symphony of a truly wild abundance.