8:30am - 5:00pm

November 12th, 2022
in Nelson County, Virginia

The goal of this course is educate the small forest owners, farmers, environmentalists, and foresters on the dendrology (the study and identification of trees), the philosophy (the “why” forests matter), the practical management (the “how” we can partner with the forest), and the economy (impact within the human sector) of a properly managed forest system.

This 1-day intensive provides an intensive overview of tree species, forest management techniques (selective harvest, Keyline Deisgn), and value added processing options (biochar, woodchipping) that help diversify and strengthen your local biome, ecosystem, farm, and overall community.

In this course, you will learn

Session #1:
Standing Forest Management

Differentiate forest communities.

Identify tree species via leaves and bark.

Mark timber for selective harvests or forest thinning for silvopasture creation via tree reduction or to improve future timber and environmental values.

Session #2:
Silvopasture Implementation

Regenerate a cut-over or clear cut landscape using animal impact and selective pruning.

Design and implement large-scale Keyline Design silvopasture systems for alleycropping, fodder forests, and more!

Session #3:
Forest Resources

How to make tree hay for winter feeding of cattle, goats, and sheep via select cutting new growth, pollarding, or coppicing.

How to make biochar from start to finish: from standing timber to ground pounder to innoculate or feed to animals!

How to incorporate wood chips into your gardens, compost, etc.


This 1-day and in-person intensive will be taught by Daniel Griffith, the President and Co-Founder of Robinia, Savory Institute Hub Leader, best-selling author, and Permaculture Designer.


Regenerative forestry and silvopasture management is applied Holistic Management, forest style.

This intensive is an integrated approach to partnering with (and creating!) your woodland for optimal ecologic and economic abundance.

The Course

This unique and intimate course is designed within the context of Robinia’s demonstration site, Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre process-led & emergent conservation landscape in Nelson County, Virginia that is leading the rewilding movement in the Mid-Atlantic.

The course is designed for anyone interested in forests and silvopastures! No previous experience is needed.

It is built for those engaged in or enthusiastic about regenerative forestry … growing and managing a woodland or forest for improved ecology and economy.

Key Details:

This course includes 1 locally sourced lunch.

We will not be serving breakfast or dinner. If you have severe food allergies or considerations and desire to bring your own foods, we have a full kitchen for you to utilize instead.

This course is built for those who desire to nurture their large or small-scale woodlands for ecologic and economic purposes.