Learn how to harvest your own meat

Learn food sovereignty by becoming a member of the harvest.


This exciting, intimate, hands-on, and 3-day immersive will include a full harvest of 1 full beef and 2 lambs.

Tickets are limited to maintain both the intimacy and spirit of this course alongisde the hands-on component! Learn by utilizing your hands and antique cutlery.

Course Structure

This beef and lamb harvest course is intended to give all course members the opportunity to get directed, hands-on experience harvesting 1 full beef and 2 lambs. The entirerty of the butchery of this course will be in your hands, our skilled teachers will only be directing.

Each ticket includes the admission into the course, along with two locally-sourced meals a day. Lodging is avialable for an additional fee, from glamping in our Wildwood Decks to indoor accomadation with wifi, a full kitchen, and shared bathroom spaces.

In this course, you will learn:

Beef Field Harvest Techniques

Learn how to field harvest cattle without any infrastructure, outside the harvest weaponry.

We do not use headgates, chutes, coralls, etc., in order to maintain a truly honorable, richly spiritual, and stress-free environment for all.

Lamb Field Harvest Techniques

Learn how to field harvest a lamb without any infrastructure, outside of a knife.

The ancient techniques that you will learn in this course are the most intimate, sure, and ethical we know. They are also the most accessible, requiring only a sharp blade.

Human-Scale Butchery

Learn how to break down beef and lamb with the most basic and simple technology: a hand saw, a few knives, and a simple meat grinder.

How to Cook Some Cuts

Do you know how to prepare the different cuts of meats, produced via whole-animal butchery?

While this course is dedicated to the harvest and human-scale butchery componments, we will spend some time during this course going over cooking and preparation techniques.

Are you ready to begin!?

How does the course work?

When should we plan to arrive?

We will start first thing the morning of June 16th, so, if you are staying on site, please plan to arrive the night prior. That way, we can settle you in, meet one another and prepare for the weight of the next day: the beef harvest.

How much does this course cost?

For this intimate, completely hands-on, and small sized course, ticket for admission and food is: $750. Lodging is optional and additionally charged.

I have never done anything like this before? Do I need previous experience to attend this course?

Absolutely and entirely no! All experience levels are welcome. This course does not require or even recommend previous experience and is so constructed to provide everything you need to learn the skill and art of Human-Scale Harvest and Butchery.


Meet Your Instructor

This human-scale beef and lamb butchery course is taught by Daniel Griffith, a storyteller, emergent conservationist, lover of the wildwoods, and bestselling author of books such as Wild Like Flowers and Boone.

He is the President and Co-Founder of Robinia, Savory Institute Hub Leader/AP/Hub Verifier, best-selling author, and Certified Permaculture Designer.