AUGUST 5 - 12, 2023

Learn Holistic Management @ Timshel Wildland



Join us for this 8-day comprehensive at the beautiful Timshel Wildland in Central Virginia!

AUGUST 5 - 12, 2023

Course Structure

Cost: $2,500 USD (Includes 2 locally sourced, delicious meals a day, instruction, and materials).

Lodging: Tent, car camping, and indoor lodging options are available onsite for additional fees.

Each ticket includes the admission into the course, along with two locally-sourced meals a day. Lodging is avialable for an additional fee, from glamping in our Wildwood Decks to indoor accomadation with wifi, a full kitchen, and shared bathroom spaces.

In this course, you will learn:

Foundations of Holism

What is holism and what does it mean to holistically regenerate?

We will take an overwelmingly profound dive into regenerating relationship via the predator-prey connection, how time impacts management, and the relativity of the brittleness scale.

Ecosystem Processes

What does management have to do with relationship? What does relationships have to do with conversation?

We will take a linguistic plunge into the four ecosystem processes in order to co-create a language in which relatonships may emerge.

Water Cycle, Mineral Cycle, Community Dynamics, and Energy Flow.

Holistic Context

What is the converging point between YOUR whole and THE whole?

We will work to both bifurcate visions from values and quiet life's hummings in order to craft your Holistic Context, the potent and practical elucidation of the more beautiful world your heart already knows is possible.

This is what makes management holistic.

Holistic Planned Grazing

How do you plan for recovery in your grazing management? How do you do more than simply manage complexity, but contextually heighten it?

We will work through these questions and more as we go beyond "classroom learning" and work together to create your own and personalized Holistic Grazing Plan!

Holistic Land Planning

You said you wanted to regenerate and manage holistically. Now, how do we get this done?

We will unpack the process in which your ideal landscape will emerge, learning aspects of keyline design, permaculture, holistic earthworks, and syntropic agriculture in the process.

Holistic Financial Planning

Do you have a simple-to-use, cash-based planning process to help you manage your farm or ranch's finances?

We will learn how you can increase your profit while making decisions that improve your quality of life and land health, and productivity. 

Ecological Monitoring

We learned the foundations; we created a Holistic Context; we crafted a grazing plan with supportive land and financial plans. But how do we know it is working?

We will learn the language of Mother Earth as we nurture deep relationships with the ecosystem processes all around us by implementing patience in observation alongside strategic monitoring protocols and contextually-functional tools that feed health indicators back to our livestock grazing operation.

Are you ready to begin!?

How does the course work?

 When should we plan to arrive?

We will start first thing the morning of August 5h, so, if you are staying on site, please plan to arrive the night prior. That way, we can settle you in, meet one another and prepare for the weight of the next day.

How much does this course cost?

For this intimate, completely hands-on, and small sized course, ticket for admission and food is: $2,500. Lodging is optional and additionally charged.

I have never done anything like this before? Do I need previous experience to attend this course?

Absolutely not! This course is designed for well-seasoned farmers and ranchers to folks new in the space of regenerative agriculture to even conscious consumers that just want to know more about how food is produced! All are welcome.


Meet Your Instructor

This private and one-on-one intensive is taught by Daniel Griffith, the President and Co-Founder of Robinia, Savory Institute Hub Leader/AP/Hub Verifier, best-selling author, and Certified Permaculture Designer.