Is your management actually regenerating the land?

EOV provides critical intelligence to "regenerative" farmers as stewards and managers of ecosystem direction and abundance.

Rotational grazing is not regenerative. Regenerative is regenerative.

Outcomes Based

Certification schemes are based upon an inventory of farmer practices, but actually verified outcomes depend on how and when practices and tools are used. EOV gives the land a voice of its own.

Contextually Relevant

EOV is not a one-size-fits-all metric. Each EOV evaluation is contextualized within its given ecoregion and social context.

Farmers First

EOV is not a top-down assessment tool. It is designed to be a non-punitive learning mechanism for marketplace differentiation, continuous improvement, and ongoing peer support for land managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EOV measure?

EOV assesses key indicators of the effectiveness and health of ecosystem processes — criteria such as soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem function (water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and community dynamics).

How is EOV difference from other ceritifcation programs?

The key difference between EOV and other certification programs is that it is driven by producers, from the bottom up, with outcome-based benchmarks, rather than from the top down, with practice-based benchmarks.

Do I have to follow practice-based rules?

No! No! No! EOV monitors landscape function. It verifies regeneration; it does not certify practices. Practice agnostic, EOV does not care how you regenerate, only that you regenerate.

Every year, you will receive a 30-6 page EOV Monitoring Report with management recommendations to improve your “regenerative metrics,” but they are just recommendations to help not requirements to continue.

What does the farmer have to "do" EOV?

Regenerate! That is it. There is no paperwork, no interviews, no feed barn inspections, nothing!

EOV measures landscape function. Every year, our team of dedicated EOV Monitors will come out, talk to your land, and then leave. No stress or time on the farmer's back!

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