Holistic Abundance for Regenerative Nourishment

Timshel Permaculture is a 300-acre, Certified Naturally Grown, regenerative, and holistically-managed permaculture farm in Nelson County, Virginia, growing nutrient-dense and phytochemically-rich foods, healthy soil, and biodiversity on organically-managed, sustainable, rotationally-grazed, and carbon-sequestering pastures and forests.

We raise 100% grass-fed and finished heritage beef; holistically-foraged and heritage pork; pastured chicken and eggs; 100% chemical-free goat dairy; and 100% grass-fed and finished lamb. We also cultivate many acres under food-forests, orchards, and perennial garden spaces for sale via our CSAs.

The farmed landscape is a spectacular piece of property consisting of managed forests, rolling pastures, and intensely-cultivated silvopastures and nestled into our precious nook of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We are deeply dedicated to holistic and health-rich regenerative practices of longevity, sustainability, and creativity. Incorporating permaculture design’s ethics within holistic management’s frameworks (what we call Holistic Permaculture), we focus on ecological improvement within the order of nature’s observed patterns and patience.

Every system that we design and bounty we nurture is an intensive soil producing, organic matter accumulating, and carbon sequestering program that also yields nutrient-dense and staple/calorie crops while absorbing as much storm and moving water as possible, filtering and spreading that water into the ground for immediate and long-term usage. We believe in multi-species, mob-stalked, leader-follower, and holistic systems based on nature’s observed patterns and founded on soil health, microbial diversity and sustainable systems.