Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Monitor Training in Central Virginia

Train to be an Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Monitor under the Savory Institute on May 19-22, 2022 at the Robinia Institute!

Thursday, May 19th – Sunday, May 22nd, 2022.

Nelson County, Virginia

Have questions? Give us a call! 330-350-0145

$1,000 / ticket.

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Who: This 4-day and in-person Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV™) Monitor course will be taught by Daniel Griffith, a Savory Institute Hub Leader, Certified Educator, and Hub Verifier with the Robinia Institute. As a graduate of this training and following field work, you will be accredited to help in the set-up of Long Term Monitoring and carry out Annual Short Term Monitoring. This 4-day course will allow you to become an Accredited Monitor of EOV.

What: Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) is a protocol for monitoring land health, giving a holistic look at both leading and lagging indicators that was developed by the Savory Institute for global utilization. EOV™ allows farmers and ranchers to better understand the potential of their own property within the operating conditions of their unique context. It also opens up market opportunity within the greater ecosphere of the Regenerative Movement.

The Course: This unique and intimate course is designed within the context of Robinia’s demonstration site, Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre process-led & emergent conservation landscape in Nelson County, Virginia that is leading the rewilding movement in the Mid-Atlantic.

In this course we will utilize Savory’s EOV™ protocol to learn to “talk to nature,” that is to understand feedback mechanisms and ecosystem processes to both better manage our landscapes and verify and un-greenwash the Regenerative Movement.

Key Details:

  • This course includes 2 locally sourced and delicious meals a day, instruction and materials. We will not be serving breakfast. If you have severe food allergies or considerations and desire to bring your own foods, we have a full kitchen for you to utilize instead.
  • This course is designed for the student working toward a future as an EOV™ Monitor. However, the knoweledge gained during this course will also help each student become a better land manager and so ALL ARE WELCOME.
  • This course is taught by Robinia’s Lead Educator, Savory Institute Hub Leader, and Accredited Professional Daniel Griffith.

$40/night with compost toilet and shower facilities

Camp In The Wildwoods

Luxurious camping on the side of hill and on the edge of our woodland, surrounded by nearly 400 acres of the Timshel’s rewilding project. This is real wildlife camping.

Do more than stay in the Wildland. Help regenerate it! Our off-grid compost toilet and cold-water shower facility was constructed out of a Tulip Poplar and White Oak that grew just a hundred feet from this location!

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Learn at a true demonstration site!

Learn at a Fully-Operational Regenerative Wildland

This course is hosted by our main demonstration site, Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland in Nelson County, Virginia that works to co-create emergently abundant systems with their cattle, sheep, and pigs.

Watch Timshel’s Video
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During your Mid-Week Break!

Kayak the James River

Leave yourself on the shore and float with the currents!

The James River snakes around the base of the Wildland and folks can float for about an hour before leaving our borders! Stay after the course for a refreshing adventure.

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Converted Horsebarn to Educational Center

Indoor Training Facilities

Coresponding to our field work, this course will spend time within our indoor training facilities, or converted horse barn, during presentations, work sessions, and meal times.

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Lead Educator

Daniel Firth Griffith

Daniel is a storyteller, regenerative farmer, emergent conservationist, and a lover of the wildwoods. He is Robinia’s Lead Educator and Consultant, Field Professional, and Ecological Outcome Verification Hub Verifier.

A first-generation farmer with a background in high-technology and entrepreneurship, Daniel’s life pivoted after being diagnosed with a life-threatening and degenerative genetic disease in 2012. He turned to farming—what ultimately emerged into regenerative conservation work—as “the last resort” in his health journey. What he found, however, was a life complete with abundance, joy, and health.

Learn More About Daniel

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