Holistic Courses

We believe that, to regenerate ecosystems, we must first regenerate the communities that live within them.

As Virginia’s Hub of the Savory Institute (savory.global), we are practicioners and educators of Holistic Management and Permaculture.

Our demonstration site here in the Peidmont of Virginia provides the contextual canvas for empirically driven and measurable ecologic and economic holistic systems implementation. The educational arm of our institute is dedicated to teaching and training farmers, consumers, and investors how to become the entangled and symbiotic participants (economically, ecologically, and socially) with holistically managed and deeply regenerative living systems.

Course Categories

Private Holistic Management & Permaculture Training

Want to learn Holistic Management at your own pace? Tired of attending courses where your questions never get answered? This training is for you!

This in-person and private Holistic Management Training is built to meet your needs, your timelines, and your budget!

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Spring 2021 Holistic Management Course

Regardless of your farming experience, this 8-day course is for anyone interested in taking a deep dive into all things Holistic Management, from Regenerative agriculture to holistic farm business operations.

This 8-day course is split into two separate long-weekends sessions and held at our demonstration farm in Virginia.

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Start Regenerating

Don’t see a training option that fits your needs? NO problem! Contact us and we can build something together.

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Online Holistic Management & Permaculture Courses

Land locked? Ready to start your journey today? We are developing a great array of online courses on topics from Holistic Management, Permaculture, Holistic Marketing, and much more!

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