Complete Heritage Beef Harvest and Buthering Workshop

This 1-Day course is designed to deliver all the essentials and hands-on overviews of the art and skills necessary to harvest a beef from field harvest to finished packaging.

Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Nelson County, Virginia

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Holistic Management is more than regenerating the soil. It is also about transforming the harvest into the rich abundance of communion, a community nourished by the shared reality of being, of reciprocity, of honor.

Join us November 27th, 2021 on our demonstration site in Nelson County, Virginia, Timshel Wildland for our Complete Heritage Beef Harvest and Buthering Workshop with Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith!

This full day beef butchery workshop is designed to be both winsome and overwelmingly comprehensive, delivering the essentials of human-scale beef butchering by starting with the ethics and art of field harvesting and dexterously carrying you through to the final packaging of processed meats.

The workshop will cover the comprehensive realties of whole beef utilization from field harvesting, to skinning, to sorting offal, to quartering, to final cut knife work. This will be an amazing workshop with arguably the best teacher in the space of human-scale and home butchery, Brandon Sheard, one that we hope will leave you inspired, equipped, and deeply moved.

Human-scale and home butchery is, in many ways far too real, walking in wildness, the true foundation of regenerative agriculture and holistic management. “Wildness is a medium for mindfulness, a consciousness in which cultivation transforms into community and harvest into communion through the shared language of being—of life itself. To walk in wildness is to foster the restoration of Relationship, to reinstate honor and humility and purpose in a world thirsting for regeneration. It is, in many ways far too real, to regenerate from the inside out—from the soul to the soil.” – Daniel Firth Griffith, Wild Like Flowers.

Key Details:

  • This workshop includes 1 locally sourced and delicious lunchtime meal. If you have severe food allergies or considerations and desire to bring your own foods, we have a full kitchen for you to utilize.
  • This workshop is designed for anyone interested in the art and skill of human-scale beef butchery. All are welcome.
  • This workshop will be taught by Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith.

Lead Educator

Brandon Sheard, Farmstead Meatsmith

Brandon is a poet and philosopher in his own right. Brandon, owner and operator of the Farmstead Meatsmith, runs the only abattoir, buchery, and educational operation of its kind in the country.

Learn more about Brandon’s work here.

Learn More About Brandon

Learn at a true demonstration site!

Learn at a Fully-Operational Regenerative Wildland

This course is hosted by our main demonstration site, Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland in Nelson County, Virginia that works to co-create emergently abundant systems with their cattle, sheep, and pigs.

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