Regenerating a Clear Cut Using Holistic Management and Large-Scale Permaculture Design

Robinia’s client inherited a clear cut, or “cut over” landscape that had not been sprayed or replanted–a unique item in today’s pine-centric world.

We were faced with two complex option sets: spray herbicide to eradicate nature’s return to plant monoculture pines or regenerate the landscape to nurture the forest back to life within a silvopasture-dominated context. They happily chose the latter!

Using our Autonomous Drone Technology, equipped with NDVI sensors, LIDAR-type topographic sensors, and photogrammertry abilities, we created the basemap of this plan and, from there, implemented our intensive master plan design process, focusing the tools of foragers to distrupt ecosystem succession, grazers to impact the landscape and return litter to the soil surface, strategic plantings of hardwood species to curb high erosion zones, and bulldozers to build 3 Keyline ponds to saturate and soak the systems with life.

Each one of these ponds hold up to 1,000,000 gallons of rain water runoff and supply the valley bottoms with gravity-fed irregation and/or resillient animal watering systems.

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