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What does death have to do with regeneration and regenerative agriculture? In this episode of...

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S2:E13 – The Role of Death in Regeneration

What if our focus in the “regenerative agriculture” movement on high-density grazing was mispla...

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Fred Provenza on The Conversationalist: The Role of the Family in Mob Grazing

What does the Tao Te Ching have to say about Regenerative Agriculture? In this episode of The...

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S2:E11 – The Tao and the Excitement of Spontaneity

What is more important: nutrient-dense soil producing nutrient-rich beef or happy soil producin...

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S2:E10 – Dan Kittredge on The Conversationalist: Happiness or Nutrient-Density, Holism Enriching Health in Grass-Fed Beef

Can small farms work? What does Holistic Financial Planning have to say? This is Session 4 of...

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S2:E9 – The Conversationalist: Are Farms Business or Not? with the Jefferson Center

What regeneration have to do with poetry and moments? This is Session 3 of The Conversational...

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S2:E8 – The Conversationalist: Regeneration as the Nurturing of Moments with Joel Salatin

What is regeneration and why does it need a rededicating? Is there a difference between Holisti...

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S2:E7 – The Conversationalist: Rededicating Regeneration with Allan Savory

What does Shakespeare's The Tempest have to say about virtue in the regenerative movement? In...

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S2:E6 – What Cares These Roarers: Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Wisdom, and the Need for Human Management

What does de-scaling the regenerative movement look like? This is Part 1 of The Conversationa...

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S2:E5 – The Conversationalist: Tradition, Habits, and the Role of Local Meat Processing with Brandon Sheard

What does Haikus have to say about wild foraging? In this episode of The Wildland Podcast, Da...

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S2:E4 – Haikus, Ponds, and the Fortune of the Forager

What does Socrates have to say about Mob Grazing? In this episode of The Wildland Podcast, Da...

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S2:E3 – Socrates, the Soul, and the Death of Mob Grazing

What does William Shakespeare have to say about Clear Cuts? In this episode of The Wildland P...

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S2:E2 – Persuade Me That What I am: Shakespeare, Clear Cuts and the Winter Wind

What does Wendell Berry and Alexis de Tocqueville have in common? In this episode of The Wild...

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S2:E1 – Wendell Berry, Alexis de Tocqueville and the Need for the Conversationalist in the Regenerative Movement

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