What is more important: nutrient-dense soil producing nutrient-rich beef or happy soil producing happy cows? Or, is “nutrient-richness” and “happiness” conjoining aspects within the greater whole of ecosystem health? Can stress be transfered? Can unhappy cows yeild unhappy humans?

This is Session 5 of The Conversationalist, an intimate  series within the Wildland Podcast, built to inspire thought via conversating with the wild. Our vision in this series is to foster and nurture intensely deep and richly philosophical conversations around the co-creation of a much better world, together, in community, and in our places.

The title of this series, The Conversationalist, is taken from an Essay by Wendell Berry, wherein he says, “An agriculture using nature as its measure would approach the world in the manner of a conversationalist. It would not impose its vision and its demands upon a world that it conceives of as a stockpile of raw materials. …Now we must think of marriage.”

Conversations leading to the co-creation of a more beautiful world by stepping beyond nature as raw materials and by stepping into nature as a marriage.

This video/audio is a conversation between Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association and Daniel Firth Griffith of Robinia and Timshel. It is a truly unique discussion around nutrient-density, happiness, and their correlation to coherence and community.