This video is a conversation between the Savory Institute’s Bobby Gill and Timshel Wildland’s Daniel Firth Griffith.

Daniel Griffith is a man with many titles: entrepreneur, farmer, husband, father, author, Accredited Professional, and Savory Hub Leader in the Mid-Atlantic.

It’s not unusual for Savory Hub leaders––given their entrepreneurial spirit––to bring more to the table than just a know-how of proper land management. Daniel, however, brings quite the unique and refreshing skillset to the Savory Global Network, putting words to paper that elicit the ethos of holism, regeneration, and connection to place.

In his new book, Wild Like Flowers, Daniel has published a book on regenerative agriculture that doesn’t discuss how we farm, but rather why we farm.

Wild Like Flowers is a book of short stories and essay that utilize the magical gifts of being, of nurturing awareness and the community of all life, to prove the larger concerns of the modern agricultural and mainstream regenerative movement in lyrical and meditative prose that is a true celebration of life itself.  It is a short book on a colossal subject; one that puts into words what so many in the Regenerative Movement are missing—the powerful and emergent force of Relationship.