At the Robinia Institute in Central Virginia, Savory Hub leader Daniel Griffith is developing bold, new initiatives to bring the land-regenerating potential of Holistic Management to farmers and communities of the Mid-Atlantic.

In this short film, we follow Daniel’s latest endeavor, a partnership with The Lands at Hillside Farms – a historic Pennsylvania-based educational dairy farm that wanted to find a better home for their bull calves.

Instead of going the feedlot route, Robinia is re-homing these calves to local farmers where they will provide substantial marginal reaction. As a Savory Hub, Robinia is also able to offer these farms training and implementation support in Holistic Management, land verification through the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) protocol, and access to financial resources through their Common Wealth Network.

“The eradication of control is in many ways the application of community function from a microclimate perspective. It is the idea that community emergence happens in microclimates, and it is through the interdependent relationships of these microclimates that we find a resilient, beautiful, and highly functional whole of communal abundance.” Daniel Firth Griffith

Robinia is pioneering this “calf donation network” to transpose what is perceived as “waste” in one sector and turning into abundance in another; inoculating communities with regenerative power by focusing on the power of community and its ability to transfer potential energy in one hand to healing power in the other.