North Carolina Holistic Master Plan

Holistic Land Planning via Autonomous Drone Technology, Community, and Mentorship.

How do you transition a commercial and set-stocked cattle operation into a rich, living, and abundant ecosystem where cattle, ecology, and human society and health all flourish? It is not a small or easy task, but one we are expertly familiar with.

Using our Autonomous Drone Technology, equipped with NDVI sensors, LIDAR-type topographic sensors, and photogrammertry abilities, we created the basemap of this plan. From there, we implemented our 1-page land design framework via the Robinia Platform’s Framework and underwent multiple days of Holistic Management and Regenerative agriculture training. Good data equipped with great community.

Holistic Land Planning is contained within the Savory Instute’s Holistic Management Framework in order to facilitate the design of the ideal layout for your farm or ranch to maximize the grazing efficacy, efficiency, and impact of your regenerative operation.

To want to move your cows is good. To be able to move your cows is best.

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