Regenerative Musings of a Holistic Conservationist

Regenerative Musings of a Holistic Conservationist2020-09-13T12:09:48+00:00

Abbey Smith of Savory Institute: The Regenerative Authority of the Holistic Context

In this episode, Daniel and Jesse interview Abbey Smith, the Global Network Coordinator of the Savory Institute and Hub Leader of the Jefferson Center, which provides a full spectrum of support and training in Holistic Managment within the Northern California area. We speak about the power of the Holistic Context and [...]

Life and Empty Trailers

“It is not what foods you eat; but who you eat it with.” Driving away from our processing center, trailer bumping in the sludge-filled pot holes and Morgan sniffling back tears in the passenger seat, I found this simple phrase hammering raucously in my head. In the back seat [...]