To give others what Nature has given us.

Founded in 2019 as the educational and consulting center of Timshel Permaculture, our 300-acre and highly-integrated regenerative farm and demonstration site, our mission is to advocateeducate, and demonstrate the abundance, joy, and regenerative power of holistically managed and well-designed living systems.

We are a team of passionate ecologists and regenerative conservationists.

Regenerative Conservationists

The Robinia Institute is a Hub Candidate with the Savory Global Network, serving Central Virginia with courses and consultations on Holistic Management and its integration with Permaculture Design.

The purpose of Robinia’s Hub is to serve as:

1) a demonstration site that provides the contextual canvas for empirically driven and measurable ecologic and economic holistic systems implementation, and

2) an educational institute dedicated to teaching and training farmers, consumers, and investors how to become the entangled and symbiotic participants (economically, ecologically, and socially) with holistically managed and deeply regenerative living systems.


To Give what Nature Gave Us.